Monday, October 23, 2006

Household Hints - Houseplants - Use Epsom Salts for Healthy Plants

Epsom salt for your house plants.
1 t. per plant. For large plants, 1 t. per foot. You can put it on dry at the base of plant or mix in the water. This is great for the garden too, especially the tomatoes. You will notice a difference in the foliage within a week or two as the plants just love it.

~Submitted by a reader - thanks!~

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The Music Lady said...

By the term "t," does that mean teaspoon? I assume it does, and that a CAPITOL "T" would mean tablespoon. But I want to be sure, for I want to give this a try but certainly don't want to "over-do" and kill my beloved plants! Thanks a million!