Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Household Hints - Cleaning - Removing spilled Candle Wax from Furniture

I love candles, but I hate the pools of spilled wax that I sometimes find left behind on furniture. It's not as hard as you might think to remove the wax...here are a few tips to help:

1. Remove as much of the surface spilled wax as you possibly can. Use something that won't cause further damage to the furniture - something like a plastic spatula with a squared off edge will help you scrape off the wax.
2. Use a soft cloth to remove more of the wax - adding a little furniture wax will help.

Another handy tip - to get old bits of candle wax out of your favorite votive candle holders - just pop it in the freezer! After a few hours, the old bits of wax should pop right out, leaving you with a lovely, fresh candle holder just waiting for a new votive.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Household Hints - Haircare - Easy Homemade Conditioning Spray

From my Kitchen Crafts 'n' More Newsletter back in 2001!

Easy Conditioning Spray
Here's a super-simple idea that I like to use occasionally. When even
regular conditioning isn't enough, you can add a few tablespoons of
good hair conditioner to a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water,
and shake well to combine. You can then use this as a leave-in
conditioner that will make your hair feel great.

Household Hints - How to Clean a Baking Stone

CLEANING Household Hints - Baking Stones
Thanks to our newsletter subscribers for these great tips on how to clean a baking stone! For more household hints and to join our newsletter, just visit Kitchen Crafts 'n' More's Website.

1. "To clean your pizza baking stone - sprinkle with baking soda & rub lightly with a damp cloth. Rinse well. Works great!"Submitted by Connie

2. " Scrape off as much as you can using the edge of of a plastic pancake turner or something similar. Don't worry about leaving a stain; as you use the stone and it gets older you''re bound to get more stains..It just helps to "season" the stone. The next time you use the stone give it a light spray of Pam.This may help with any discoloration and any stuck on food." Submitted by Paula

3. "I have one and it looks totally disgusting! But I understand from several sources that the more you use it, the better it works. And cleaning it only with warm water is against our idea of "cleaning." But if you use any soap or cleaner on it, it absorbs the soap and leaves that taste. So keep using, rinsing with water. The uglier, the better the food tastes. It's also good for baking french fries & onion rings (frozen), cookies & biscuit (I use parchment paper here)." Submitted by Ann