Saturday, March 28, 2009

Household Hints - Cooking - Found a great way to soften brown sugar

It's pretty frustrating when you open up the canister of brown sugar and find that it's somehow become a huge, organic, solid lump. Sort of like a sandy rock, and totally impossible to use! I'm a big fan of a slice of bread stuck inside to keep the brown sugar nice and moist.

But, what can you do when the brown sugar is ALREADY completely hardened?

I put the canister (microwave safe) right into the microwave and microwaved on high for about a minute. I'd heard of this tip before, but had never tried it. It worked!! I could get out the brown sugar I needed. It's definitely the fastest way I've ever tried to soften brown sugar. Hope it helps!


Brown Sugar said...

Those are both great ideas!

I have to say I still prefer Brown Sugar Savers. They last for up to 3 months, and it just feels nice to have something re-usable in my brown sugar.

I use a couple and after soaking them and drying them off, I just put them on top of the brown sugar (or on the rock hard brown sugar)in a sealed container.

I used to bury them down into the sugar but discovered I didn't have to! :o)
Thank you! All these hints are great for people. It's terrible wanting to bake cookies and finding the brown sugar like cement!

Cindy H
Hard Brown Sugar

Harmony said...

My dad came over with a HUGE bag (like they use in bakeries)of dark brown sugar. It was a hard as a rock! I didn't have anywhere to put it so I just threw it on top of my dryer. The next day I did a load of laundry, ran the dryer and the sugar softened right up!

My sister adds a few slices of apple to her container to soften hers.

dl said...

I have to tell you your hint worked with softening the brown sugar. I stuck it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, and it crumbled in my hands. Thank you.