Friday, November 23, 2007

Household Hints - How to Keep Brown sugar Soft and Moist

Keeping your brown sugar soft and moist (not one big, unusable hard lump!) is very simple. Try one of these handy household hints to keep brown sugar soft:

1. Use a brown sugar bear -- a small terra cotta disc (often in the shape of a bear or other decorative shape) made just for this purpose. You can find them in kitchenware shops for a few dollars. Simply moisten the terra cotta disc in some water, and then pop the disc into the sealed container of brown sugar. Voila! Gorgeous, fresh brown sugar.

2. Add a slice of bread or apple to the sealed brown sugar container. This adds moisture to the brown sugar for a really long time.

3. If your brown sugar has already gone hard, you'll find that microwaving a portion of it will soften it up instantly!

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ally said...

Graham Haley of Haley's Hints has some really good ways to to this and something about storing cheese with onions. sounds strange but it works! he has a dvd and also you can download short videos from his site: