Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Open Tough Jars and Bottles with a Rubber Glove

  • Open tough jars and bottles by putting a rubber glove on! That'll give you all the grip you need to open just about any stubborn bottle.

    I also find that using a nutcracker works great - again, it just gives you a good grip on the bottle, allowing you to open it easily.

    If you STILL can't open that jar...then try tapping the edges of the jar lid with a butter knife. Somehow it opens the jar seal and makes opening it much easier.

    Have another handy tip on opening stubborn jars or bottles? Please send it in, or just post it in a comment below!

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claidheamdanns said...

Thanks for the hints -- especially the butter knife trick. I had forgotten about that one. I had some borscht bottles (glass bottle/metal lid) that would not come open, no matter what I tried, but with the knife trick they came off so easily, I could have turned the lid with two fingers!